We are heart and soul in the development and production of all Olives articles.
We bet on the symbiosis between tradition, design, and innovation.

We look for eco-sustainable raw materials and recycle our waste, reducing our ecological footprint. We are a brand with a strong sense of cultural, regional, and knowledge identity.

We are social, environmental, and ethically committed.

It is in the fusion of contemporary, innovative and eco-sustainable design, in the use of the highly chosen savoir-faire of the local industry, in collaboration with distributors, e-commerce platforms and other brands that bring sustainable innovation. By creating shoes and accessories in an ethical way, Olives remains true to itself and to expect a better future for the Planet.

We want the OLIVES brand to be identified with the values it represents in its identity, through design, innovation/renovation, and from the strong impact that can change mentalities.

With this approach and through e-commerce, we renew, redesign, maintain, and implement added value to our culture and knowledge, spreading them around the world.