Our commitment

We are heart and soul in the development and production of all Olives articles.

We bet on the symbiosis between tradition and innovation, combining felt and natural fibers, industrial techniques with craft techniques, in the design and production of our Olives.

With this approach and through digital, we renew, maintain and add value to our traditional culture and knowledge, spreading them around the world.

We are socially, environmentally and ethically committed. We employ socially vulnerable people in our value chain, thus helping them in their reintegration.

We use natural raw materials and recycle our waste, thereby reducing our ecological footprint.

We are a brand with a strong sense of cultural, regional and knowledge identity.

We aim to be a brand with a strong impact on the local community, both in terms of social awareness as well as the reinterpretation of tradition.

We want the OLIVES brand to be identified with the values ​​it represents and its strong social, cultural and environmental impact.