Olives offer the excellence of the materials used in their products and the natural felt for their unique qualities, which stood out as the brand's reference material. Its Olives shoes perfectly combine innovative design and comfort, using soft wool felt of the highest quality, worked by experienced craftsmen and manual techniques.

The felt is TNT (non-woven fabric as the calender does not weave, compact). Using 100% wool felt or other animal hair, fibers are added by the compaction method, consisting of the random arrangement of fibers on a surface, creating a mantle, which is felted by compression and vibration under the action of water and heat.

Olives revived ancient techniques of interlacing or felt once used locally, making them reborn and shine in your collection. In the collection, we used the technique of weaving the felt, used in the region, in the artisanal production of the so-called “strip bags”, made with felt shavings. The use of this technique to develop unique patterns through the mixing of stripes of different colors, adopting the design to specific areas of the shoe which cooperated for the creation for the collection with current design and a strong identity component by cooperating and revitalizing these old techniques and turn them innovative.

Olives felt is breathable, offer natural insulation and keeps your feet comfortable.

Using olives, in addition to comfort, quality of materials, and design, find a differentiating product, either due to its construction, unique cores and patterns, within the essential guidelines of the brand, or because it enjoys all the exceptional characteristics of combined felt, combined other natural materials or new fibers which makes each item in the line unique and exceptional.

Natural ecological material with low cost of exploration and production (environmental impact); with isothermal properties it adapts to the seasons; withstands rainy weather; durable; non-flammable and resistant to dirt, so you only need to brush without large processes being applied The whole combination of materials had to be analyzed, tried and tested before their applicability to footwear (felts suitable for shoes, assembly, and adhesives suitable for sealing and fitting between materials ).