The Felt

Our articles Olives in Felt are perfect for your everyday by design and comfort.

Olives search for the excellence of materials to be used on their unique products and naturally this wonderful material soon stood out and get prominence in its collection.

Your Olives ally innovative design and comfort perfectly, using highest quality soft wool Felt combined with ancestral techniques carefully handcrafted fondly by expertise artisans

Felt is a non-woven fabric (because the calendaring method does not weave, only compacts) 100% made of wool or other animal hair, the fibers are aggregated by calendaring method.

It consists of the random arrangement of fibers such as wool or other animal hair on a surface, creating a mantle, which is felted by compression and vibration under the action of water and heat.

It is a technique that dates back to Ancient Egyptian period..

Olives relives these local and old techniques of interweaving the felt making them reborn and shine in their collection.

Olives Felt is breathable, provides natural insulation and kept your feet comfortable.

By using your Olives, in addition to the comfort, quality of materials and design, essential guidelines of the brand, you will enjoy all the exciting characteristics of the felt.

It is an ecological natural material with low cost of exploration and production (environmental impact); with isothermal properties it adapts to the seasons of the year; resists to rainy weather; durable; non-flammable and resistant to suppression and avoid large cleaning processes.

How to clean your Olives: Clean with a soft brush or sponge to remove dirt.

Let your Olives to dry on their own.

Felt in love by Olives.