And from the creative imagination came Olives.

Olives (from Lemon Think) emerged as an innovative brand, framed in "Ethical Fashion" with pioneering and innovative products, through good practices and environmental concern. Initially using Felt as a raw material of excellence and craft techniques in the production of high-quality shoes, value, and accessories in a region where these industries are an integral part of the local culture and where the limited brand bridges between artisanal and industrial, promoting fusion the design of their collections and the reinvention of ancestral techniques as a source of inspiration.

Today, it raises its commitment to the environmental and sustainable footprint, combining its surprising design with new "green" and Eco-friendly raw materials, recycled and/or recyclable, remaining faithful to its social and environmental posture, combining quality, design, and the comfort of your articles with more sustainable articles in dedication to everything we love in the past, present and future.

An inspiring and socially motivated lifestyle, Oliveiras thrives on footwear design and sustainable innovation by creating shoes and accessories in an ethical way, transforming the way the world designs, produces, and consumes styles.