From dream came the idea, and from idea born Olives.

Being from a region recognized for the production of quality footwear and the felts of excellence, one day dreamed of having a project of its own, 100% national and that reflected the best of the region, footwear and felt, creating the bridge between these different worlds , from industrial to artisanal, from social to cultural and environmental.

Olives develop and manufacture products with innovative design. The Spices collection is distinguished by the symbiosis between tradition and innovation and for the first time the use of felt woven into footwear that, with the productive quality of the footwear and felting industry in the region, presents a modern, creative, and contemporary design. Names of spices and herbs were used to name each model in this collection, whose source of inspiration pays homage to the senses such as color, touch, Nature, lines, and the beauty of patterns in memory of a whole set of cultural, heritage elements, social and environmental aspects of the region, and shows the ecological commitment that the brand intends to have, in harmony with the sense of innovation starting from the local and making itself known to the global.

Today, it elevates its commitment to environmental and sustainable ethics, combining its contemporary and surprising design with new "green" and Eco-friendly raw materials, recycled and/or recyclable, while remaining faithful to its social and environmental posture.